CS351 Syllabus, Spring 2001

Syllabus, assignments, and lecture notes will gradually appear here. We have a Sample Code Directory where we will put snippets of examples that you may find helpful.
Tue Jan 16
Intro: What modularity means to me.
Thu Jan 18
Info documentation browser, C-h i inside Emacs or info to shell. GNU Coding Standards for code formatting, names, command line options. Command line option parser: man 3 getopt, see getopt_long_only(). GNU getopt code is available for other systems. Intro to CVS.
Tue Jan 23
More CVS. Makefiles. Code from class. Assignment One
Thur Jan 25
STL: container classes. The tutorial used in lecture is available in plain postscript or 2-up which should save paper.
Tue Feb 6
Scanning and Parsing. Assignment Two
Thur Feb 22
testing and logs. Assignment Three.
Tue Mar 20
Multiple inheritance. Assignment Four.
Tue Apr 4
Assignment Five.
Thur Apr 19
Final Project.
Finals week
Final exam

Late assignment policy