README -Plumbing Graphics
To get the plumbing graphics written by Barak Pearlmutter and Marcial Hernandez up and running:

Assumptions: you have the scheme package such as the Mred distribution for linux (v 53) installed.

GET: the plumber directory, cs257-scheme shell script, and a copy of the dot-emacs.el this stuff is in the ~cslab/CS257/...area...

  1. Put the plumber dir (in ~cslab/.../plt/collects) in the collects dir for your installation. For example, /usr/share/scheme/plt/collects is where i put it on mine.
  2. Edit the cs257-scheme script to reflect the locations of mred and mzscheme.
    e.g located in /usr/share/scheme/plt/bin on mine.

    I put the script in /usr/share/scheme to make easy access for other users too, where /usr is exported r+x for all users, but you could very well just put it in your personal scheme directory or something.

  3. Set up your .emacs for program-name to call cs257-scheme script which will in turn call the scheme program mred with the graphics package if X-windows is installed else just mzscheme runtime with no graphics.
    Snippet from my .emacs that does this:

    ; will call either mred or mzscheme depending on if 
    ; X-windows is running
    (setq scheme-program-name "/usr/share/scheme/cs257-scheme")
    ; "/usr/share/scheme/plt/bin/mzscheme") ; non-graphic scheme --- 2/3/99
    If you haven't already, make sure mzscheme can run by itself -> comment the call to the script and uncomment the line calling mzscheme.
  4. Have fun