Problem Set Three, CS 257

Due at 5pm on Fri Feb 12, 1999

Graphics problems

  1. Define functions that return plumbing graphic objects that look about like the following sketches. The definitions should be modular, so that modifying the objects in ways you might want (bigger, more details, etc) is straightforward. You'll probably want to create a toolkit of auxiliary functions. (5 points each):

    1. (death-spiral)

    2. (sunburst)

    3. (pig)

    4. (hairy-spiral)

    5. (tri-frac 4)

    6. (eyeses)

  2. Define a function cool so that typing (cool) puts something really really gonzo cool on the screen. I will admire the very coolest in class. (10 points)

Extra Credit

Choose an Escher print, or something that could have been an Escher print, or something interesting in the way an Escher print is, and encapsulate its essence with plumbing graphics. (This can be your (cool) if you like.)


Turn in this problem set by running ~cslab/bin/cs257-handin file.scm.
Barak Pearlmutter <>